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How long might you expect cardinal tetras to live for?

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NoWittyName Mon 18-Feb-13 10:21:53

Just that really. The thing is that we got 'large' ones so they wouldn't be eaten when added to the tank so I don't know how old they were when we got them. Is there such a thing as an average life span?

SPBInDisguise Mon 18-Feb-13 10:25:45

I thought this was about the pope's replacement!

EauRouge Mon 18-Feb-13 11:58:01

grin SPB.

I would expect 5-10 years for cardinal tetras. They would probably be close to fully grown by a year.

Can't comment on the Pope's replacement but if his name is Cardinal Tetra then that might be enough to convert me from atheism to Catholicism.

NoWittyName Mon 18-Feb-13 22:21:43

Brilliant SPB!!!

Thanks Eau. Found a few articles on line which all seemed to say 1 year in the wild but 3-4 years in an aquarium - you obviously keep yours amazingly!!

EauRouge Tue 19-Feb-13 06:10:59

3-4 years? Nah, they live way longer than that. This is a pretty reliable list of life expectancies. Cardinals aren't on there but neons are and other similar-sized tetras. Really I would expect 5 years at least. 1 year in the wild is probably because they have to share with piranhas grin

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