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I want some new fish, what should I get?

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Marne Fri 15-Feb-13 21:41:30

So dh said I can get some fish for my birthday as my tank is looking a bit bare, or it was until 2 of my guppies gave birth this week ( these already have new homes to go too in a few weeks ). So what should I get? I have a few guppies, 4 mollies, 1 lonely danio ( out of my old tank) and my bristle nose plec. I don't want anymore danio's, when he dies then that will be it (as they gobble up my fry), do I add to the mollies (which I don't have much luck with), add to the guppies (as I have people waiting to buy fry) or do I get something different, maybe plates?

Also tempted by shrimp but have never had any before.

lucysmam Fri 15-Feb-13 22:14:52

I'd go for something different idea what in the market for ideas myself so will watch with interest smile

StuffezLaBouche Fri 15-Feb-13 22:25:32

Bolivian rams! I have a pair and love the things. Or a pair of golden panchax. Ive just bought two and theyre hilarious. The angel tried to assert hos authority but the bigger panchax soon put him in his place. And now peace reigns once again. :-) The panchax are such funny shapes too!

EauRouge Sat 16-Feb-13 11:48:39

How big is the tank again? Rams need a lot of space. If you've got female guppies that are regularly giving birth then I probably wouldn't add much because the stocking level is always going to be fluctuating.

Shrimp are dead easy to look after as long as the water quality is good. My cherry shrimp are breeding like crazy so if you're always being overrun with guppy babies then you might not want to add to the workload!

Marne Sat 16-Feb-13 15:11:42

Tank is 160ltr, bought a couple mollies (orange and black, really pretty) ,a couple blue female guppies (as I havn't got many adult females) and my favourite........................, I bought a mrs bristle nose plec to keep mr plec happy grin, my tank is now full. We have had 2 lots of fry this week, 15 from the first lot and a couple fry yesterday (I think some got eaten) but I have people waiting for them as soon as they are big enough not to be eaten so they won't be staying long. I still want some shrimp but couldn't find any today. So I now have:

2 bristle nose pleas.
5 mollies
3 male adult guppies
6 female guppies
Around 30 fry (some are ready to go).

EauRouge Sat 16-Feb-13 16:02:32

Ooh, you know those bristlenoses are going to breed like crazy grin Lucky you, baby bristlenoses are the cutest thing ever.

Marne Sat 16-Feb-13 21:32:59

I was lucky to get one, they had babies in the shop but obviously they were too young to sex, thought I would ask anyway and they told me they had the parents of the babies but has sold dad yesterday, so lucky I got the female, she's only half the size of my male but am hoping for babies soon.

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