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i have a poorly gourami :(

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lucysmam Fri 15-Feb-13 21:38:31

been at the top of the tank ALL day, have w/c and tested water

amm 0
NI 0
NA 30+ but that's how it comes out of the tap

none of my other fishy friends are affected so think he is just at the end of his natural life but still very sad he's my favourite

have put him in little qt tank to see if he perks up at all but think he will be floating by morning sad

lucysmam Sat 16-Feb-13 08:01:19

my prediction was correct, dead gourami this morning. daren't turn on the little light on qt tank with dd2 stood over me asking to see him sad

EauRouge Sat 16-Feb-13 11:45:16

Oh no, sorry to hear that sad How old was he? They're not a very long-lived fish. Hope your DCs aren't too upset.

lucysmam Sat 16-Feb-13 13:01:23

he was around three ish, add on however long he was in the shop tank and he was probably getting on a bit.

the kids aren't too bothered by it, it's more me, i cried the last time we lost one......bit soft grin

EauRouge Sat 16-Feb-13 13:28:03

Not soft at all! I cried loads when my favourite goldfish died. I'd had him for years, ever since I was a student and moved out of home for the first time. Once you get the hang of looking after them properly you do get attached.

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