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Guppies tails - maybe fin rot - what to do?

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agnesf Sun 18-Nov-12 21:05:20

We have 60L tank with 4 guppies & 2 otos. Have just noticed that one of the guppies tails has a split in it and on examination the other guppies tails are looking a bit "shreddy".

Am wondering if its fin rot and if so what to do.

We normally change water 25% each week but in the last month have only managed to do it twice but when have tested water the nitrites & nitrates are nil. We've had tank since May, fish since August and I've only cleaned the filter once and have never changed the sponges.

We did recently turn the temperature of the water up a bit as our central heating broke and we were worried about the water temp dropping.

The guppies hassle each other a lot but have never seen them bite each other and the otos just hang out on their cucumber so don't think they can be blamed for any tail damage.

What should I do? Am a bit worried about using fin rot treatment in case it mucks up the filter. Should we just step up our water changing for a bit and see if things improve.

agnesf Mon 19-Nov-12 20:12:38

This eve one of guppies is in bad way. Tail looking very shreddy and floating about listlessly. We had emergency trip to P@H to get Melafix. Have removed carbon filters from our filter and dosed tank (we haven't got hospital facilities).

Fingers crossed it works.

What should I do with the carbon filters - they are sitting in some old tank water atm. Is it ok to let them dry out?

An advice welcome.

EauRouge Mon 19-Nov-12 21:14:32

Bugger, I missed all this- sorry.

Have you got latest water readings? What sexes have you got? Have you notice any white blobby bits on the splits or is it just a clean looking split? What do you feed them?

I would bin the carbon filter tbh, I've never bothered with it in any of my tanks. The manufacturers tell you to use it but that's because it needs replacing so often and they want your ££££. There's no need to use it in a healthy tank, but it's good to have some stashed away in a cupboard to use in an emergency.

agnesf Tue 20-Nov-12 19:24:35

OK guppy has continued to go down hill. He can hardly swim and is flopping on side. I have removed him from tank as I don't want the others to catch anything.

Should I continue putting Melafix in tank for a couple of days in case others are starting something or not bother? Thought they we looking a bit under the weather but maybe was just imagining it.

EauRouge Tue 20-Nov-12 20:24:15

Melafix might help, it depends what's wrong with them. Can you see any fungus on the tails?

agnesf Wed 21-Nov-12 18:54:25

Hi sorry not to answer. Our guppy died and have examined him closely and couldn't see anything fungusey looking. They others seem ok now - they are all acting normally and their tails look no worse. Have continued the Melafix.

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