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Is there a peaceful community fish that will eat platy fry?

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lurcherlover Sun 11-Nov-12 22:15:33

I have a 120l community tank which is being overrun with platy fry...I think they're surviving as it's heavily planted, but I'd rather not get rid of the plants unless it's the only option. If I don't sort it out I'm going to be seriously overcrowded soon though! Is there a fish that will ruthlessly hunt fry but live peaceably? I also have a small shoal of 5 neons, a gourami (thought he would munch them but he's useless) and a male betta (I know they're not ideal in a community tank but he was a rescue - long story - and he's happy enough). I particularly don't want anything to upset the betta. I was thinking of an angelfish - I know they can go after tetras, but as I understand it if I get a juvenile it won't see the tetras as prey? Any other ideas?

lurcherlover Sun 02-Dec-12 19:29:03

The one in the top image when you click on the link, not the blue/orange one underneath.

EauRouge Sun 02-Dec-12 20:40:27

Oh right, defo a dwarf then. And a male, the females are greyish so easily told apart.

EauRouge Sun 02-Dec-12 20:45:32

Right, thinking about it I would say that you are fully stocked already so I wouldn't get any more new fish. If you were to get any other fish then I'd go for more corys because they should really be in a shoal of 6+

If the adult platys are finishing off enough of the fry then maybe reduce the hiding places or rehome all the platys and stick with egglayers.

hodgehegs Tue 07-May-13 23:35:49

Hi, curious to see where you're at with this now since a few months have gone by. What did you do in the end?

I made the mistake of getting 4 female and 2 male platties (because that's what's always advised, I haven't seen any sites saying it's ok to keep all female or all male, like you can with guppies).

Within 4 weeks we have 2 fry about 1cm long and my daughter just found a new load of tiny ones swimming about, so wondering what to do before we get over-run!

I have a male betta, but had to move him to his own tank after he attacked and fatally wounded my neon and nipped that tails of the platties.

Got 2 new hatchetfish too and a bristlenose catfish so need to take them into account.

My tank is 100 litres so don't want to have to get a whole shoal of something new or I'll be overstocked. Was wondering whether I could introduce just one new fish that would help control numbers. Lots of people on other forums suggest gouramis but it doesn't sound like you've had much luck with yours helping out.

fhishfhil Sun 08-Sep-13 15:59:27

Hey there my platy just had her young there and i could only rescue 9 of them...i have 2 honey gourami's, 2 black phantom tetra's and a silver tip tetra aswell as a leopard pleco and long fin cory. the tetras and gourami's devour the fry ezpec the silver tip tetra it chases and really gets the problem solved i havent hade to feed them now for 3 days now i think the fry are all gone the fish are pretty chubby too so i know they have been gobbling them up!! but i did keep 9 of them so i now have to get a new tank to keep them or give them away to some1 smile

Mojavewonderer Sun 13-Oct-13 17:12:03

Penguin tetra love my platy fry and eat them about second after they are born. I think most tetra love a yummy baby. Obviously most fish eat their own fry anyway so stop feeding for a couple of days perhaps.

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