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Lots and lots of fry

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Marne Wed 31-Oct-12 10:26:28

So for a while it looked like none of my fish would give bith and then last week both mollys gave birth giving me around 30+ fry, then 3 of my guppies gave birth (one the same time as the mollys, one yesterday and one this morning) so i suddenly have around 100 fry shock, i'm still fishing them out of the big tank, i know i should probably give up and let some get eaten but i cant bring myself to do it, so i now have 2 breeding nets (1 huge net and a small net) full with fry, one small tank with some fry in it and another tank cycling (and waiting for heater to come in the post) for the fry from yesterday and today to go into.

I am running out of space grin, i have people waiting to buy the mollys and some of the guppies (depending on colour) but i dont want to let them go early as i want to see them grow and see what colours they are (plus i get more money if they are fully grown) but space is tight.

I can move my fish around, in my other tank i have the corys, a female fighter and 3 danios, these could probably go into my big tank appart from the corys as theres no sand in my big tank. When is it safe to put fry in with the corys?

Tempted to get a bigger tank as i have lots of smaller tanks which are pretty useless, would 2 big tanks be better?

EauRouge Wed 31-Oct-12 19:25:48

You'll end up having to build a fish house at this rate grin If your livestock level is going to fluctuate a lot then I'd be tempted to use storage boxes and just keep one aquarium with a load of filters running in it ready to go. That would be the cheapest way of doing things although it wouldn't look nice.

Fry would probably be safe-ish with the corys, you might want to put a couple of fistfuls of java moss in there so they've got somewhere to hide.

Marne Wed 31-Oct-12 21:09:49

Still finding more fry (have fished another 8 out this evening and theres still a few i cant catch) smile, i took some media from my big tank to cycle my tank quicker so i can now put some in the new tank. Luckily the lady who wants to buy the mollys can take them earlier if i need them out of the way as she has loads of tanks including 2 fry tanks. Some of them are almost big enough to go back into the big tank, luckily my tank isn't over stocked so there is some room. Just hope i can sell them all (or give them away) or i'm going to end up with too many fish.

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