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i have new fish!

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SheelaNeGig Sun 07-Oct-12 14:41:36

Been cycling my tank for ages and finally have fish!

6 mountain minnows.


Currently floating in their bag. Cat looking a bit too interested.

EauRouge Sun 07-Oct-12 16:48:59

Love the names grin Do you know how many of each you've got?

SheelaNeGig Sun 07-Oct-12 17:42:43

Nope. Living on the edge. They are looking nice and happy.

SheelaNeGig Sun 07-Oct-12 17:58:54

I hadn't even considered the patter of tiny fins. That would be so exciting snd the very excuse i need to get an even bigger tank (was eyeing up a beast in the dhop this morning).

1 have 3 ordinary minnows and 3 golden ones. They all look a bit similar. I'll go and look closely for mascara or moustaches.

EauRouge Sun 07-Oct-12 18:34:21

Once they've settled in and start acting normal then it'll be easy to spot the males from the females. They are pretty easy fish to breed so you may end up 'having' to get that big tank grin

SheelaNeGig Sun 07-Oct-12 18:38:05

They are lovely. Haven't had fish for ages.

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