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What can i put in a 100ltr tank?

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Marne Thu 13-Sep-12 09:49:26

ok, just googled Clown loaches and they are a no no, they grow too big grin, now to break it to dd1.

Marne Thu 13-Sep-12 09:23:49

Thank you, i ended up boiling the kettle to top it up and warm it up (before puting the fish back in). I got some beter treatment for the white spot from the aquatic shop so i'm hoping it works, 2 of my fish have it but one has had it for ages, just a tiny spot (not even sure if it is white spot) the other fish just has a odd groth behind his top fin (was hoping the water change would finish him of TBH).

Dd1 wants Clown loaches, are they a good idea or not?, will deffently get a few mollys to keep out lonely baby molly happy (he now thinks he's a guppy). Will have a look at Corys.

So excited about getting new fish but i must slow down and let the tankk settle a bit before adding too many plus i have guppies giving birth and i might want to keep a few if there are any nice colours.

The guppies are happy in the new tank, they look lost in it, Mr Plec is sulking, he was not happy about being caught and moved last night so he's now sulking, i'm hoping he will grow faster now as he still seems very tiny (we have had him for almost 6 months).

omfgkillmenow Thu 13-Sep-12 02:37:01

if you need to bring the heat up use bottles filled with hot water. Id defo get some corys in there to keep the bottom cleaned up and dont put your white spot fish in there its too catching. mollies will be fine with guppies. The rule is if a fish can fit another in its mouth dont put it in. I had an excellent pair of breeding angels and they ate every other fucker in the tank cept the hoplo. Hoplos are good too but not much to look at. Try some dalmation mollies they are good and guppies, and if you are very very brave some tetras but they have severe pecking order issues. But defo corys, they just snuffle about all day.

EauRouge Thu 13-Sep-12 01:44:29

Shouldn't take too long, most filters turn over the water 4x an hour. Depends on the size of the particles and what filter media you have.

Hope you fish settle in ok. You can use water from the kettle to bring the temp up if there are no fish. Don't try it with fish though in case they end up poached!

Marne Wed 12-Sep-12 21:52:14

Picked my new tank up tonight and its a 140ltr (not a 100ltr), have set it up but water taking ages to settle after puting the old gravel in there (even though i washed most of it off), have had the fish in a bucket for over an hour sad. Put the old media in the new filter, new filter seems very powerful shock. Managed to get the water up to temp (cheated a little by using a extra heater) so have put the fish in as the water in the bucket was getting too cold. Hope they all survive the big move, one is on his way out anyway (has had white spot and some odd groth).

How long will it take for the water to clear?

Marne Mon 10-Sep-12 21:00:21

I'm watching a tank on e-bay, its a 100ltr to replace my 60ltr. My male guppies will go into it (7 of them but one is about to die) and my bristle nose plec. I have one baby molly in another tank so was wondering if i could add a few mollies (maybe 3 plus the baby?), if not then baby molly will have to go. I would like a bigger tank but just havn't got the space.

So what can i fit in a 100ltr?

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