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Does The Noise Of A Filter Annoy Fish?

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woopsidaisy Mon 24-Oct-11 08:26:08

This is probably a very silly question. But our filter makes quite a loud "whirring" noise. Does this bother the goldfish? My DH says it must drive them mad! Do all filters make this type of noise?

TheFidgetySheep Mon 24-Oct-11 08:34:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EauRouge Mon 24-Oct-11 08:54:52

Not sure if it bothers them or not, is it very loud? It shouldn't be whirring really, it might help if you give them impeller a good clean. Has it got a venturi on the outflow? It's a little gizmo that makes the filter shoot out loads of bubbles in the outflow of water. They are bloody noisy and not necessary so if there's a way to ditch it then you can.

EauRouge Mon 24-Oct-11 08:55:32

PS tempting though it is, don't turn the filter off unless you're cleaning it; the good bacteria in there need a flow of water to survive.

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