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Holiday food for goldfish....

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dilbertina Thu 30-Jun-11 12:45:50

We are going away on hols for 2 weeks soon and I am wondering what to do with our 2 goldfish.

I've seen those "holiday food" things which claim to feed the fish for two weeks, I imagine they gradually dissolve or they work?

We went away for 3 days and I gave them a couple of those short break stick things and they ate them within 2 minutes - not sure if they were supposed to....hmm!

We could ask someone to have them but I figure the transportation could be more traumatic for them. They are in a decent sized tank with filter so I am not worried about that aspect, just concerned they would eat all the food in first day and hence eat themselves to death, or then starve in the next 2 weeks. Anyone had any experience?


EauRouge Thu 30-Jun-11 13:25:53

Avoid the holiday blocks, they pollute your tank something chronic. You either need an auto feeder like this one or if you can get anyone to drop in then leave the right amounts out for them. Transportation also not a good idea if you can avoid it!

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