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goldfish turning black

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tjacksonpfc Wed 12-Jan-11 17:46:54

Hi all thread title says it all. We have a tropical fishtank set up. Friends of ours were moving house 2 weeks ago and didnt want to put there sons goldfish through the stress of the move. Its a 6 hour drive away.

Dp said they could put him in our tank with our fish he has been really happy in there loads more room than hes used to. Hasn't been bothered or bothered the other fish.

However the dcs asked today why he is turning black and sure enough he has not got black sripes coming on his body from top to botttom. He is still feeding and swiming around quite happily. Any ideas from the fish experts out there. Would be much appreciated.

tjacksonpfc Wed 12-Jan-11 17:47:48

Meant now got not, not got must remeber to preview first smile

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