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interpet PF 3 internal filter

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tjacksonpfc Sat 11-Dec-10 09:52:28

Sorry its me again we are having some problems with ou filter.

Its an interpet PF3 internal filter, The filter keeps moving around and slipping. it has a line to fill the water up to which we have done. I was wondering if anyone knows if this filter can be submerged totally. Or if anyone has any ideas of how it can be secured better we are currently using the cradle that it comes with.


EauRudolph Sat 11-Dec-10 10:44:08

How far in the water is it? It's fine to totally submerge internal filters like the PF3 but you must make sure that it is near enough the surface to cause some surface agitation to help with oxygen levels in the water.

You can buy replacement suckers from most aquatic websites, the free ones you get with filters can be a bit crap. They usually need replacing after a year or so anyway.

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