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my assassin snail had a baby!!!

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thisisyesterday Wed 15-Sep-10 20:55:51

I only got him (well we were calling him him!) about a week or so ago.
turns out he is a she and have just spotted a lovely baby assassin in the tank!

those ramshorns have no hope now. mwahahahahhaha

EauRouge Thu 16-Sep-10 09:14:38

grin Brilliant! I'm getting a dwarf puffer soon so I'm trying to get more snails. Do assassins reproduce hermaphroditically like malaysian trumpet snails then?

thisisyesterday Thu 16-Sep-10 09:21:39

I have no idea! i stupidly assumed that if i only had one we wouldn't get any babies lol
i guess she was already pregnant when we got her

thisisyesterday Thu 16-Sep-10 09:23:01

they don't breed very fast tho, hence being useful for keeping pest snails under control without overtaking the tank themselves.

EauRouge Thu 16-Sep-10 09:39:49

Aw, they're really pretty. Look at this one eating a shrimp though shock lena.html

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