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I don't actually have a fish, but just had to post on fishnet

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MmeLindt Wed 08-Sep-10 15:27:22

Tres drôle, MNHQ

CherryChapstick Wed 08-Sep-10 15:27:59


MmeLindt Wed 08-Sep-10 15:41:10

I had a goldfish once that leapt out if it's bowl and had to be rescued from under the fridge. We thought it would not survive so my dad gave it a wee dram.

After that, it kept leaping out of the bowl. I think we turned it into an alcoholic.

CherryChapstick Thu 09-Sep-10 13:28:17


Was it called Jameson?

lamplighter Thu 09-Sep-10 13:33:39

My bastard lovely cat ate all the fish out of my aquarium. This was despite having the complete works of Shakespeare weighing the lid down.

So I have posted on fishnet also and I have no fish grin

RunforFun Thu 09-Sep-10 13:38:39

I've got fishnet tights ??

Does that count grin

CherryChapstick Thu 09-Sep-10 13:39:08

Is your cat a heavy weight boxer?

StewieGriffinsMom Thu 09-Sep-10 13:40:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AppleTreeWick Thu 09-Sep-10 13:40:37

what, what where are the fish???? Show me the fish.

I have fish...they keep dying. I am leading an intensive nitrate monitoring/fish rescue operation round our house that mostly involves hiding the fish food and shouting whenever my two little predators approach the tank.

lamplighter Thu 09-Sep-10 13:42:01

I have a tin of pilchards

MarionCole Thu 09-Sep-10 13:44:30

Wow, we have a Fishnet? I have fish - Tumble, Spikey, Scrufty, Stripey and Sponge (all named by DS)

CherryChapstick Thu 09-Sep-10 13:46:02

A fish emoticon would be cute.

UnePrune Thu 09-Sep-10 13:48:18

Is this where Cod starts her threads?

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Thu 09-Sep-10 13:51:10

Suddenly I realise - this crap pun is the sole reason (see, I can do it too) that Pets has been split into sub-boards by MNHQ.

ShirleyKnot Thu 09-Sep-10 13:55:07

I have fish. Actual ones. I've got a clown one and another one and 3 other blue ones.


lamplighter Thu 09-Sep-10 13:58:11

Actually - [rummages through cupboard] I have tuna, mackeral, pilchards, salmon.

I have a veritable shoal.

[gets aquarium out of loft and the little bridge]

AnnoyingOrange Thu 09-Sep-10 14:03:41

I have some fresh cod in the fridge

it's dead though

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Thu 09-Sep-10 14:05:40

ShirlyKnot -- I think I see your problem. You have read Lace one too many times. Remove the fish from your arse and you will be much more comfortable.

ShirleyKnot Thu 09-Sep-10 14:09:42


Did they put fish up their arses in Lace? I don't remember that (and I read the book cover to cover, over and over as a young teenager <ahem>)

weegiemum Thu 09-Sep-10 14:12:52

Don't you think "fishnet" could get a lot of Friday Evening traffic.

All a bit carp, I think


Portofino Thu 09-Sep-10 14:13:20

I have fish! A new clique!

lamplighter Thu 09-Sep-10 14:13:25

Hmmmm one bag of frozen prawns. Result!

AnnoyingOrange Thu 09-Sep-10 14:14:12

I have anchovies

tinned ones

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Thu 09-Sep-10 14:14:15

Well, not actual arses, but you might have decided to branch out from the places they did put the fish.

Have only actually read the goldfish scene in Lace (was passed around the entire class <ahem>) so don't know what was in the rest of it. Actually, for all I know perhaps they did go on to put fish up their arses in the last chapter...

DidEinsteinsMum Thu 09-Sep-10 14:22:13

oh lordy. i totally miss read the thread title.

"i dont fish but i just wanted to post on fishnet"

was beginning to wonder if HQ had gone mad in their random topic creations. After all how many mums fish and like keeping live fishing bait in their fridges?

thankfully it would appear that i have been around them that fish too long and it is just me losing it blushgrin

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