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Flipping heck ... dying goldfish

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whitebuttons Sat 14-Aug-10 19:06:09

I kept a goldfish that I won at a fair!! and it lived for 7 years, so I reckon some are pretty hardy!! As long as you wash the stones and tank out properly you'll be fine, but yeah get some closer to home and they'll have a better chance.
I gave my goldfish a funeral as a child, went out on my own coz my dad wanted to flush it. Obviously the hole wasn't deep enough as the cat brought it in moments later!! good times!
Hope you have better luck for the next lot!!

beautifulgirls Fri 13-Aug-10 20:49:46

Please research this properly before buying any more fish, and buy from a pet store locally - that was just too far. There are a few threads here about fish so please search them out and ask if you have any questions. Goldfish are actually a really poor choice unless you have a huge aquarium for them and you may be better considering some tropical fish if you can add a heater into the system you have.
Good luck

Millie1 Fri 13-Aug-10 19:08:12

Thanks Whitebuttons. They're all dead - the boys had a very touching funeral service for them. They were in their travel bags for about 1.5 hrs by the time we got home so that could well have been the problem. Going to change the water, get it tested and start again.

whitebuttons Thu 12-Aug-10 20:38:43

Sounds like something they get called swim bladder, normally to do with travelling. You can get some stuff to put in the water but i spose if you have to drive 30 miles there isn't anywhere near? But its standard stuff you can get from any pet shop. But you'd need to do a complete water change as it lives in the water too.
Sorry get well soon fish!!

Millie1 Thu 12-Aug-10 16:28:06

Got the kids 3 goldfish yesterday - little ones, fancies they called them in Pets at Home. Tank was bought a week ago and set up per instructions - to the letter. This morning the fish are slowly dying - floating on their sides & spinning around. Have done partial water change. Guess we're going to lose them. Can't get to PAH today - phoned them and they suggested bringing water sample in but it's a 30 mile drive each way so too far to go today. They will replace them when they die. It's awful to watch - I feel so cruel yet we did everything by the book. Grr

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