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What is the best film you have ever seen, if you had to choose one?

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electra Wed 31-Mar-10 17:45:50

For me, possibly The Shining.

BessieBoots Wed 31-Mar-10 17:49:12

Big Fish.

electra Mon 05-Apr-10 15:14:07


MiaWallace Mon 05-Apr-10 15:16:11

Pulp Fiction

cornflakesforlunch Wed 07-Apr-10 08:42:58

Oh yes, Big Fish.

AvadaKedavra Wed 07-Apr-10 08:46:30

Final Cut with Ray Winstone, was mid 90s I think, left the cinema in total awe.

slug Wed 07-Apr-10 10:33:14

Possibly Pan's Labrynth.

Portoeufino Wed 07-Apr-10 10:44:03

American Beauty

AvadaKedavra Wed 07-Apr-10 11:58:36

American Beauty is a good choice

Snooks14 Sat 10-Apr-10 20:20:01

Moulin Rouge - and I'm not even sure if I have spelt that right! But I do love it - it is my first choice to watch when DH is out for the evening and I can sing along with nobody knowing!

brockleybelle Sat 10-Apr-10 20:22:05

Gone With The Wind. Have loved it since I first saw it age 7 or so. Just hearing the opening theme gives me goosebumps.

Snooks14 Sat 10-Apr-10 20:25:18

Gone with the wind is also one of my favourites but I found the book was so much better than the film - if you ever get the chance you must read the book.

LadyintheRadiator Sat 10-Apr-10 20:27:09

The Color Purple

I think

Very hard to choose just one

addictedtolatte Sat 10-Apr-10 20:29:36

Alfie michael cains version though jude laws was not so good

fishie Sat 10-Apr-10 20:30:39

the sound of music

purpleduck Sat 10-Apr-10 20:45:07

Spanglish - love it

brockleybelle Sat 10-Apr-10 21:01:37

Snooks14, have read the book a few times and you're totally spot on. I think it's the most gripping novel I've ever read, I couldn't put it down! And once you've read it you realise how very well cast the film was. I mean, Clark Gable is Rhett Butler.

Shaz10 Sat 10-Apr-10 21:02:19

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

MostActive Fri 16-Apr-10 15:34:10

Volver or Betty Blue or Schindlers List, too hard to chose just one

shimmerygoldglitter Wed 28-Apr-10 14:14:07

Well its not the best but it is my favourite - Twilight blush.

wintera Thu 29-Apr-10 10:34:51

My top 2 films never change but I can't decide between them -

Withnail and I

I must say I am chuffed and impressed with the quality of all the choices so far!

Spidermama Thu 29-Apr-10 10:36:16

My top three, which I can watch over and over again, are, in no particular order ....

What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

American Beauty.

When We Were Kings.

Clary Thu 29-Apr-10 10:37:45

Casablanca. I can't watch it now tho as I know it virtually off by heart.

Not seen some of the ones on here! But LOL @ miawallace's choice grin

spaceforthree Fri 30-Apr-10 16:00:37

The Godfather
and Twilight biscuit- can't choose but I'd watch any over and over again!

LouMacca Fri 30-Apr-10 16:11:03

The Shawshank Redemption. Absolute perfection.

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