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what time does Blockbuster rental place shut on a Sunday?

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becca81 Sun 08-Jan-06 16:13:00

If anyone could let me know I'd be most grateful.

I've looked on the website, but can't find anything about shop hours.


MrsSpoon Sun 08-Jan-06 16:14:25

Think ours is 10pm but it may vary.

flutterbee Sun 08-Jan-06 16:15:15


spursmum Sun 08-Jan-06 16:15:28

All deoends on where you live but the average closing time for most is 10pm on Sundays.
Can you tell that I used to work there and therefore know the most useless info?

spursmum Sun 08-Jan-06 16:16:27

Do you have a rental from them? It may have opening times on the cover of the rental if not then phone them and ask!

becca81 Sun 08-Jan-06 16:17:21

thanks for that!

I'm getting bored with Sunday afternoon tele' and thought it might come in useful some other time too.

becca81 Sun 08-Jan-06 16:18:28

We haven't rented anything as yet, we were members years ago but have moved since then, so I'm out of touch with it all!

flutterbee Sun 08-Jan-06 16:19:33

If you go to rent make sure you take some ID with you as your account will probably have been closed now if you haven't used it for that long.

I worked there too many many years ago when I was a student.

becca81 Sun 08-Jan-06 16:23:57

oh yeah, i.d. cheers for the reminder.. I'd forgotten as I was thinking of all the movies I would like to see.

I think its a cool job for a student to have,a girl I was at uni with used to work in pizzahut. She would get pizza if she worked the end of the shift day. We used to plead with her to bring us "starving students" some!!

Thanks all for your help.

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