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What is the name of this film ?? help !!

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binker Wed 17-Aug-05 14:15:53

trying to find a video of a film released last Christmas,or just before- around the time of The Incredibles - American, for kids - featuring a family who don't plan to do Christmas that year as the kids are away, but then everyone DOES come home for Christmas so they have to cobble it together - my son is very keen to find it and we can't remember the title or who is in it ? (maybe Jamie Lee Curtis, or did I imagine it ?) - there's a sequence where a cat is frozen (in a comical way,mind ) which my son thought hilarious from the clip we saw...anyone any ideas ? we'd be grateful !

starlover Wed 17-Aug-05 14:16:29

oh yeah i remember that... but not the title... argh

starlover Wed 17-Aug-05 14:18:14

christmas with the kranks?

SaintGeorge Wed 17-Aug-05 14:19:12

Christmas with the Kranks

binker Thu 18-Aug-05 09:54:53

thank you both so much - you are stars !!!

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