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The Ring Two

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ChaCha Mon 08-Aug-05 19:15:03

Anyone seen it yet?

biglips Mon 15-Aug-05 16:04:04

deffo not me as i was terrified after i watched it as i asked DP to turn all the lights on so i could go up the stairs (im a wimp!), ive got The Ring dvd and never again!!!!!

biglips Mon 15-Aug-05 16:04:26

ive watched the first one BTW

Toothache Mon 15-Aug-05 16:05:56

Haven't seen it. Have you watched the Grudge? >shudder<

biglips Mon 15-Aug-05 16:09:36

ive seen that and i didnt think that was scary as The Ring... my DP, his best mate and his girlfriend were all at my house when we watched The Ring and i was literally climbing all over my DP !!!!

fuzzywuzzy Mon 15-Aug-05 16:10:04

I made the mistake of watching the grudge and it gave me sleepless nights, especially when dp was off doing night shifts......... I much prefer lighthearted stuff

Toothache Mon 15-Aug-05 16:12:15

I think its the fact that there is a child involved in them that gets to me. That boy in the Grudge is just the most disturbing thing.

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