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Best of these to watch tonight...

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babysteffee Sat 06-Aug-05 18:14:24

Dunno how but got 5 dvds from screenselect all to be watched tonight so I can post them back first thing in the morning and hope they arrive safe and well back there by monday morning!!

Choices are Hitch, Cellular and My House in Umbria... already seen Constantine which I hated and dh watched Assault on Precinct 13.

So just the best of those three needed.

strugstu Sat 06-Aug-05 18:17:32

i liked hitch- didnt need to concentrate too hard - and it was an all round nice film, not hysterical , but funny at times. havent seen the others.

dabihp Sat 06-Aug-05 18:52:22

Hitch, its funny, in a wil smith kinda way...

babysteffee Sat 06-Aug-05 19:01:21

Looks like Hitch it will be then, lol!

kama Sat 06-Aug-05 19:34:19

Message withdrawn

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