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Antichrist WARNING Spoilers and Content quite rude but PLEASE dont waste your money!!!

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Jodyray Wed 28-Oct-09 08:20:06

well last night i think i sat through the biggest pile of turd ever!! The film was utter trash! It is split into sections and the prologue showed the poor baby fall out the window whilst the mum was having an orgasm, thats after you have seen GRAPHIC sex scenes. After this there is over an hour of the husband trying to counsel his wife while she wants to have sex ALL THE TIME to forget the pain (cos thats what a mum would do when they were too busy doing it while watching their baby fall out the window!!!) so he takes her to the woods to their cabin, you then discover that she wrote a thesis on gynicide and always put her babys shoes on wrong feet to the point that he had deformed bones......then a FOX TALKS!!! After this ridiculous moment where like me you will be crying with laughter, you are subjected to her smashing her husbands penis then w*nking his blood on herself, she cuts off her own clitoris and the entire film becomes deranged!!!! Its a film that may get good reviews for the cinematography etc but its disturbing in the way that its so unnecessarily graphic and mind boggling and to be honest its not a film about grieving parents at all its just sick!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY UNLESS YOU REALLY ARE INTO WEIRD SCANDANAVIAN MOVIES!!

drdad Fri 30-Oct-09 21:45:03

Well, you've sold it to me

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