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'Up' in 3D - how old to kids need to be to watch a film in 3D?

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8oreighty Wed 07-Oct-09 12:34:11

my two were 4 in june, is this too young? If you take the glasses off, does it look all fuzzy? Wondering if better to see it in regular film rather than 3D...but seems a shame

auntycam Wed 07-Oct-09 12:45:05

Took a three year old and a four year old to see Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs in 3d. The three year old's glasses kept slipping off his little head so he watched it without them on (as did I). The four year old enjoyed the 3-d experience and kept his glasses on the whole time.

StrawberrySam Wed 07-Oct-09 12:46:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

8oreighty Wed 07-Oct-09 12:55:27

Thanks everyone, auntycam, was it horrible with the glasses off? I am worried my son will faff with them the whole time, then complain of a headache...

moondog Sat 10-Oct-09 19:57:49

I've just come back from seeing it (very touching) with my 8 year old and 5 yeard old. The 5 year old took his glasses of after a while.It was a bit fuzzy but he didn't seem to mind.

foxinsocks Sat 10-Oct-09 19:59:45

I just hope they don't make all films this way! I have a squint and find them unbearable (can't watch with the glasses, doesn't look right and looks all fuzzy without them). Just a warning in case anyone's child had a squint!

QueensShilling Sat 10-Oct-09 20:02:31

I'd take 4 year olds to see the normal version, all that fiddling with glasses would drive me mad! Is it really worth paying extra when they're that age (I wouldn't)!

LIZS Sat 10-Oct-09 20:03:58

You can't really watch 3d with glasses off, the colours are separated and it looks fuzzy. Unless you are confident that they will keep them on don't pay the extra.

hoppybird Sun 11-Oct-09 18:13:23

Just been to see this. My (very small) 3 year old managed with the glasses quite well. What is more, she sat still and watched all the way through. It was her first trip to the cinema. I didn't look with the glasses off. Didn't occur to me to see what the difference would be.

However, as with many Pixar films, if you are of a sensitive nature, you may need to bring tissues (fortunately, children don't seem to be affected anywhere near as much as much as the adults).

hotCheeseBURNS Sun 11-Oct-09 18:20:59

My three year old saw ice age three and kept the glasses on the whole way through, he loved it!

OrmIrian Mon 12-Oct-09 08:26:06

IME you can't watch without them. DS#2 lost his hmm so I had to give him mine until I managed to scrabble round on the floor to fine them. It was very blurry without.

BTW I loved that film! Laughed like a drain and did DH (47), DS#1 and mate (12), DD (10) and DS~2 (6). Mainly at the dogs of course. Cinema was in bits - apart from the lady in front who said to her son 'Why is everyone laughing, it's not that funny'. grin

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