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What films are as good as Fargo?

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ScummyMummy Sat 11-Jul-09 18:55:43

I want to watch some brilliant films. I am fussy and have a short attention span when it comes to film and I need them to be fantastic and gripping or I give up. Partner works in library and brings home lots of dvds but I probably reject about 8/10. The last brilliant one I saw was Fargo a couple of weeks ago and it made me want to see more really fab films. What would you recommend?

cornsilk Sat 11-Jul-09 18:56:28

I haven't seen Fargo. Have you seen The Usual Suspects?

Hassled Sat 11-Jul-09 18:57:18

Raising Arizona is in a similar vein (both Coen Brothers?). And Oh Brother, Where Art Thou - very good, plus has George Clooney. Coen Brothers generally are fantastic.

ScummyMummy Sat 11-Jul-09 18:57:53

Yes. A long time ago. I remember liking it. You should see Fargo- it's great!

ScummyMummy Sat 11-Jul-09 18:59:34

Yes- I do like Coen brothers v much, Hassled. Have soft spot for The Big Labowski too. Think I've seen most of theirs now though.

TDiddy Sat 11-Jul-09 19:00:06

Mike Leigh: Secrets and Lies
Abigail's Party

cornsilk Sat 11-Jul-09 19:00:13

About A Boy?

lucasnorth Sat 11-Jul-09 19:01:43

LA Confidential
Of Mice and Men (the '90s version)
erm... will add more if I think of some...

cornsilk Sat 11-Jul-09 19:02:45

Muriel's Wedding. (Toni Collette theme sneaking in...)

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Sat 11-Jul-09 19:03:04

Another great thing about O Brother is its soundtrack.

Or how about Juno? Very quirky, uplifting, another great soundtrack.

Notes on a Scandal?

I'm Not There?

Hassled Sat 11-Jul-09 19:03:39

The Usual Suspects is great, ditto LA Confidential. Other than that - Juno? I'm so behind the times - if in doubt I watch Goodfellas or the Godfather Part 2 again blush.

ScummyMummy Sat 11-Jul-09 19:12:56

LA Confidential is a goodie and Muriel's Wedding. You guys are definitely on my filmic wavelength.

Haven't seen Juno- will add that to the list and Election, Closer, Of Mice and Men, Notes on a Scandal and I'm Not There.

TDiddy Sat 11-Jul-09 19:16:31

The Shawshank Redemption isn't bad. Some people rave about it.

mrsruffallo Sat 11-Jul-09 19:16:43

Please watch Half Nelson
It is fantastic
Trailer here

TDiddy Sat 11-Jul-09 19:18:26

I like some of Gyneth's Palthrow's movies - she is a top top actress IMO altho' many don't warm to her.

Like her Emma

TDiddy Sat 11-Jul-09 19:22:28

Shakespeare in Love

I think we all liked Casino Royale (J Bond)?

ScummyMummy Sat 11-Jul-09 19:26:57

I liked Casino Royale. Quantum of Solace was a bit crap though, I thought. Will try Emma and Shakespeare in Love and Half Nelson.

HumphreyCobbler Sat 11-Jul-09 19:28:57

The Piano

TDiddy Sat 11-Jul-09 19:31:46

Sex, Lies, and Videotape created a storm but I now wonder whether it was that good? Can't really remember

TDiddy Sat 11-Jul-09 19:33:54

I think the The STing is a classic.

Meryl Streep is obvious one of the best actresses ever: Sophie's Choice will make you weep

ScummyMummy Sat 11-Jul-09 19:37:00

Don't know if I am hormonally competent enough (heavily pregnant) to take on Sophie's choice atm!

Remember liking the Piano.

Will have to try the Sting.

daftpunk Sat 11-Jul-09 19:39:36

SM....fargo is one of dh's fave films...i watched it with him one night...nearly fell asleep..ha ha.

cornsilk Sat 11-Jul-09 19:43:40

If you haven't seen any of the Bourne films they are good. The Bourne Identity is the first.

Starbear Sat 11-Jul-09 19:46:40

'Burn the Book', or words to that effect (drunk now too much wine) another Cohen bros film. Watched Gran Torino Clint Eastwood very good. Deliverance with the lovely Daniel Craig (not funny thou)

ScummyMummy Sat 11-Jul-09 19:47:23

Yes- liked the Bourne films. daftpunk- you must re-watch! I need to see In Bruges again actually- have fallen asleep during it twice through genuine exhaustion rather than boredom. I was really enjoying it both times!

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