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300! Great rip roaring fun!

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monkeytrousers Thu 18-Jun-09 18:50:09

and a very important allegory for our times

monkeytrousers Thu 18-Jun-09 21:25:37

Okay I'm bumping. But these torsos deserve to be seen!

Thunderduck Fri 19-Jun-09 10:15:40

I love 300, and not just for the torsos. Though I've certainly no objection to them being displayed.

monkeytrousers Fri 19-Jun-09 15:47:23

I thought it ws going to be really cheesy. But it has an excellent cast - mostly British too!

monkeytrousers Sat 20-Jun-09 14:35:16

I know no one is bothered but I just thought I'd post a few clips.

the trailer
fantastic filmmaking

LittleWhiteWolf Sun 21-Jun-09 08:09:51

Awful, awful film. Zak Snyder should be shot and then removed from making movies and left making music videos.

Yeah, I hated this film. I found it focussed far too much on being different and clever and so advanced that it forgot to put in a plot or hire any decent actors or script writers. And I'm a fan of Frank Miller!

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