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Donnie Darko

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Bomper Sat 06-Jun-09 23:37:56

Just watched this and now feel I wish I hadn't started watching when I was feeling quiet tired, as I now feel I want to go back and watch it again!! Not at all what I expected!! Anyone else enjoy it?

wrinklytum Sat 06-Jun-09 23:41:20

What is it about?I have just bought a cheap DVD from Tesco "Donnie Brasco" and am yet 2 watch it.Has my 2 fav actors in,scrummy Johnny Depp and Mr Pacino.

I watched Little Miss Sunshine on Film 4 last night and that was fab

Bomper Sat 06-Jun-09 23:42:45

No, no different film. Donnie Darko has a very young Jake Gyllenhall in it.

littlelamb Sat 06-Jun-09 23:44:22

You cannot even attempt to explain Donnie Darko. You just have to watch it. I have to say I loved it. So much better the second time you see it as well, suddenly everything will (kind of) make sense. And I was really surprised at a few of the people who popped up in it. Patrick Swayze as a paedophile, anyone? shock

Tidey Sat 06-Jun-09 23:44:55

Great film. It's definitely one you feel like you have to watch several times because you notice more details and understand it more each time.

Doozle Sat 06-Jun-09 23:45:19

Donnie Brasco, I really liked.

Donnie Darko, it just didn't live up to the hype for me. But everyone else I know loved it. Having said that, it is very haunting at the end with the Mad World soundtrack.

Rhubarb Sat 06-Jun-09 23:46:18

Fantastic film - a modern classic!

Bomper Sat 06-Jun-09 23:47:03

Yes, Mad World and Head Over Heels in the same film - someone was a Tears For Fears fan!!

wintera Sun 07-Jun-09 11:28:43

Loved Donnie Darko but agree that it is impossible to explain! Just watch it would be my advice. It's fantastic. I went to see it at the flicks and me and my hubby laughed our arses off at certain bits of it.

Tortington Sun 07-Jun-09 11:31:36

it is a classic. don't dis the Donnie

retiredgoth2 Sun 07-Jun-09 11:32:50

this should explain all.

Or not.

RaggedRobin Sun 07-Jun-09 21:57:05

heh heh... like it!

lizzy77 Tue 09-Jun-09 17:16:05

I understand why people rave over it but i thought it was just ok

BelfastBloke Tue 09-Jun-09 17:19:53

I noticed that on another thread Pad Dad and Retired Goth 2 recommended that people should watch the original cinema version.

They said the director's cut was far inferior.

southeastastra Tue 09-Jun-09 17:36:01

good film, not a patch on harold and
kumar get the munchies though

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