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'UP' new disney film out in October

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kid Sun 31-May-09 18:59:49

I went to a preview of this today and really enjoyed it. It ws 3D too which was great!

There were funny parts as well as sad and scary parts (well according to DD they were scary)
I would happily go and see it again.

Just want to thank DesperateHousewifeToo and OldLadyKnowsNothing for sending me their page of the Times magazine which meant I could go the preview smile

DesperateHousewifeToo Sun 31-May-09 19:10:40

Glad you enjoyed it.

I'm sure ds will be keen to go.

What age is your dd? Do you think it would be too scary for a 4yr old- my dd is desperate to go to the 'similar' as she calls it?

kid Sun 31-May-09 19:15:26

DD is 10 but she is a real big sissy!
DS who is 7 enjoyed it. We also had a 4yo that enjoyed the film so I reckon your dd would like it. There are some scenes with dogs chasing the characters, but there is no blood and guts so it should be okay. I know the 4yo with us wasn't bothered at all.

drdad Wed 10-Jun-09 19:48:18

I take it it's not a remake of this then!

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