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Steppy1 Thu 05-May-05 05:22:57

...just got back from holiday and managed (don't know how !) to watch the whole of above film during 9 hr+ journey over. Heard of it beforehand, but never really interested but it is a very funny film (if you have a warped sense of humour like me !!!). Liked it so much that we bought the DVD and watched it in the States...good cast - Barbara Streisand, Dustin Hoffman & Al. Pacino ( or was it De Niro I always get confused between those two) and also some very funny scenes with baby signing...hope you enjoy as much as I did back to thw ashing and tumble drying and cold weather.........

pinkroses Sat 07-May-05 17:26:26

I saw this on the plane a couple of weeks ago. It is side-splitting funny. I have never laughed so much (especially on a plane).

I am not really a fan of Barbra Striesand or Dustin Hoffman but they were both hilarious in this film. I will definately buy it. You should always have funny films in your collection to cheer you up.

biglips Sat 07-May-05 17:28:31

i saw that too at the piccys - its a very light sense of humour film, very funny .... last Sat on telly was showing "Meet my parents" so i was watching the movie back to front

MINNIE1 Mon 23-May-05 15:08:47

Very very very good film, PMSL all the way....

Gobbledigook Mon 23-May-05 15:16:14

Watched it on Sat night on DVD! Very funny!

Meet the Parents is better though I think.

ChaCha Sat 28-May-05 18:14:49

IMHO Meet The Parents was definitely better.

sparklymieow Sat 28-May-05 18:36:04

I thought meet the parents was better too.

jambo1707 Wed 15-Jun-05 09:06:38

superb movie

compo Wed 15-Jun-05 09:07:52

I watched it at the weekend and liked it as much as the first one - loved his cousins Dom, Randy and Horny!!!!

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