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I know Christian Bale can obviously be a real tool but

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Springfleurs Mon 18-May-09 13:31:23

I cannot wait for Terminator Salvation. Love the terminator films anyway and he is just so unbelievably gorgeous.

Also think he did sort of re-gain some credibility after the verbal outburst on the set by making no excuses for it whatsoever, just acknowledging he had behaved really badly.

Anyone else still love Christian Bale in spite of everything.

Springfleurs Mon 18-May-09 13:33:42

Should have been a "?" there.

SallyJayGorce Mon 18-May-09 13:48:43

He is very dull. I worked with him before I became a SAHM. Someone else on here did too and was of the same opinion. Not sure what is gorgeous about him anyway. Not nasty, just boring and prone to nicking fags whilst saying he doesn't smoke. But that was 10 years ago. Maybe he has developed a personality now. In two interchangeable accents!

stealthsquiggle Mon 18-May-09 13:52:08

My standard MN pseudo-claim-to-fame - I was at school with him (as were many others as the family moved a lot) He is younger than me though blush - his sister was in my class - so no I can't see what people see in him, I still think of him as a 5yo PITA!

mayorquimby Mon 18-May-09 16:07:25

i liked him more cause of his outburst.

Springfleurs Mon 18-May-09 17:03:52

I liked the way he didn't come back all arse licky about it. He said that no one was more upset by it than he was at himself or something like that. I thought it showed humility. Yes I have been a twat and I know it.

mayorquimby Tue 19-May-09 10:30:11

yeah also i'm just sick of every celeb trying to be whiter than white. all the old school rockers and celebs where hotel room trashing self absorbed dicks and it was much more fun. seeing as i don't have to put up with celebs and that they don't impact on my life, i think it's much funnier if they are larger than life tools who's escapades i can laugh at.

GothAnneGeddes Wed 27-May-09 09:25:34

Also, according to the Defamer boards, the DoP he had a go at was a total PITA.

Dior Wed 27-May-09 09:38:02

I LOVE him blush. I agree that he is gorgeous.

fizzpops Wed 27-May-09 09:55:58

I think he is gorgeous too! I keep having to restrain myself from saying so to DH so I can have a guilt free ogle every time we watch Batman Begins.

CJCregg Wed 27-May-09 10:17:50

SallyJay, I worked with him too, and he nicked fags off me too!

monkeytrousers Thu 18-Jun-09 18:54:23

The 'verbal outburst' was a total set up. Belive me, directors talk to their actors much much worse a lot of the time. No on ein the indistry batted an eyelid - in fact, knowing how much effort it takes to set up a scence they just thought he was right basically

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