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50 first dates

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SPARKLER1 Sun 17-Apr-05 22:41:15

Have hired this from the book library for a week. Dh at darts tomorrow night - so gonna sit and watch it alone.
Has Adam Sandler (I think he is great) and Drew Barrymore in it.
Anyone seen it? What did you think?

starshaker Sun 17-Apr-05 23:40:55

its great took a fight for dp to take me to pics to see it but we both loved it

mears Mon 18-Apr-05 00:03:13

It's a lovely, easy to watch film.

hazlinh Mon 18-Apr-05 06:11:11

it's probably the best and least disgusting movie with adam sandler in it. apart from spanglish, which i cant quite decide if its very very good or utter crap.

Elf1981 Mon 18-Apr-05 07:17:29

I saw this with DH and almost wet myself laughing. Depends if you like that kind of humour, but I have never laughed so much at an Adam Sandler film before

almostanangel Mon 18-Apr-05 07:43:20

You will laugh and cry!! great film ,,in my top get how to lose a guy in ten days......

SPARKLER1 Mon 18-Apr-05 10:51:01

great - I'm looking forward to it.

almostanangel Tue 19-Apr-05 08:24:13

did you watch it?? we watched a dire film with the dds called ella enchanted........oh what a waste of time lol

SPARKLER1 Sat 30-Apr-05 09:29:12

I have seen it now. Only watched it yesterday!! First chance I had.
Really enjoyed. It was a feel good film. Found bits funny but thought it would have been really funny.
Never mind I got to drool over Adam Sandler.
Got another one of his films out of the book library yesterday - Anger Management. Shall start another thread on this one.

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