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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory being redone

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SPARKLER1 Mon 04-Apr-05 16:33:04

This is my favourite kids film of all time. I read yesterday that they are re-releasing it with Johnny Depp as Willy Wonnka. Fantastic!


Newbarnsleygirl Mon 04-Apr-05 16:36:34

It's Brad Pitt and Jenifer Aniston's film company thats done it I think.

unicorn Mon 04-Apr-05 16:36:51

but how can you better the original?

Johny depp should be good though!

misdee Mon 04-Apr-05 16:36:56

some of it was filmed locally to us.

unicorn Mon 04-Apr-05 16:39:19

reckon it will be 'darker' if Tim Burton is behind it!

probablt too scary for kids... although having said that - that bit from the original (on the boat,in the tunnel with the hallucinations) was very spooky!

SeaShells Mon 04-Apr-05 16:40:54

I can't wait to see this, loved the original, but if anyone can do it justice it's Depp, he's brill.

marthamoo Mon 04-Apr-05 16:52:24

Dh downloaded the trailer - so our kids are already singing the most annoying song from the film...

"Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka!
The amazing chocolatier!"

It looks pretty good in the trailer - Johnny Depp is suitably quirky and off-the-wall as WW.

WideWebWitch Mon 04-Apr-05 18:35:18

I'm looking forward to this too.

MissGalway Mon 04-Apr-05 18:36:59

noooooooooooooo nothing can outdo gene wilder. I have seen the trailer for this and it looks terrible.

Amanda3266 Mon 04-Apr-05 18:38:22

Can't wait to see it. Gene Wilder will take some following but as he's being followed by the excellent Johnny Depp I am comforted. He'll do the role justice.

JanH Mon 04-Apr-05 18:46:07

Well it's true that the Gene Wilder one was less than faithful to the book but it is still a wonderful, memorable, brilliantly cast film and quite dark itself in a subtle sort of way. I'm not holding my breath for this one to be better.

SPARKLER1 Mon 04-Apr-05 23:25:05

It's going to have bits in it that were omitted from the original film. I'm really looking forward to it.

suzywong Tue 05-Apr-05 00:02:18


Willow2 Tue 05-Apr-05 00:15:43

I think the original film was darker than the book - and imagine that TB and JD will take that a step further. Not sure if I think it needs remaking but if anyone should be allowed to get their paws on to it it is those two.

flamesparrow Tue 05-Apr-05 08:10:18

I think its going to be amazing - the first film was too hapy clappy compared to the book (always got the feeling in the book that wonka was a bit of a sadistic lunatic - Dahl at his best )... if anyone is going to capture Dahl essence, then Burton and Depp have got to be the ones.

Dahl hated what they did with the first one (as much as we all loved it). Him and Burton both have the same warped minds, so it should be great,

I'm a huge Depp and Burton fan anyway though, so probably biased....

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