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Melinda and Melinda

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Davros Wed 30-Mar-05 17:35:00

Being BIG Woody fans we were excited about being able to go and see this last night. It had all the ingredients to be a classic but...... it was very disappointing. The idea is that two people see the same story but from different perspectvies, one comedy and one tragedy. I found it hard to differentiate the two stories, there were no characters to care about and it just wasn't funny. Hardly any one liners which he is so good at. There was the obligatory bufoon impersonation of Woody when he isn't in his own film and ...... that was about it. Didn't hate it at the time but wouldn't rush to see it again or buy it on DVD or recommend it

lou33 Wed 30-Mar-05 17:38:03

I saw Jonathan Ross review it davros, and he was unimpressed too

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