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Pooh's Heffalump Movie

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actualisedad Sat 26-Mar-05 16:51:52

Took dd (3) & ds (2) to the cinema for the first time today. Kind of happened by accident (looking for something to do on a rainy day). Ds was transfixed by the big sreen Dd coped surprisngly well with the 'mild peril' moments! Both had a great time. dw thought the heffalump was very cute. It's definitely worth taking the little ones to - but IMO the songs are pretty weak compared to the ones in Piglet's Big Movie, and there aren't any lines that go over the kids head to keep the grown-ups engaged...

flamesparrow Sat 26-Mar-05 17:00:12

I wanna see it , but I'm not sure my 22 monther will keep still!!!

actualisedad Sat 26-Mar-05 17:13:51

dw says go and see it without wriggly baby - there were people there today without kids...

flamesparrow Sun 27-Mar-05 10:54:48

Might just do that!

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