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TWILIGHT- Have you seen the film? lets bitch about it!

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Tortington Sat 20-Dec-08 20:07:25

seent he film this evening - slow slow slow - somethings just cannot go from book to film
edward isn't the edward in the book

jacob is

alice isn't

emmet and jasper - are

carlisle - so is!
esme - is

Rosalee - so ISN@T!!!

janes looks like brad pitt in interview, victoria is beautiful, laurant is black - something i think the author would have mentioned.

it was excruciatingly slow - did i sayt hat already.

the editing and production was second rate - and i am hoping that with the interest in this film having shocked all involved, that they will get a better team together for the next movie - some scenes were positivley amaturish ( the conversation int he hospital)

apart from that - loved it - deffo seeing the next one - becuase i am TEAM JACOB dig your claws in MY back jacob honey wink

Fleurlechaunte Sun 21-Dec-08 22:46:22

I can't bitch about it because I bloody loved it. I can't really compare though because I haven't read the books yet.

I am glad it was slow I could have watched another hour of it. LOVED IT!

TinselianAstra Sun 21-Dec-08 22:51:49

I thought Laurent was black.

Haven't seen film yet, will I be able to drag DP or is it just not worth it?

MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 21-Dec-08 22:55:07

Took my teenage daughter and her mates to see it on Friday. I just kept thin king for goodness sake...KISS HER!!!! Its all a bit winsome and willowy. I think Edward was that wrong? blush

she has read all the books and is just obsessed with Edward. Why on earth would you be team Jacob? Dont get that at all....

pooka Sun 21-Dec-08 22:57:22

Oh I really want to see it. Read the first book without realising is classed as teen fiction blush But then had to read the rest.

Have read some duff reviews - apparently the fx are a bit clunky, particularly the meadow/glowing vampire bit.

Jacob is a twat though.

Fleurlechaunte Sun 21-Dec-08 22:57:58

No, I don't get Jacob either. He is a sweet looking boy but he is no Edward.

Fleurlechaunte Sun 21-Dec-08 22:58:26

The fx aren't the best but its still great.

serenity Sun 21-Dec-08 23:02:41

My sister is Team Jacob, but not because of anything that would be in the film - because of events of books 2 and 3 (and possibly 4!). I like Edward myself grin and I liked the film when I saw it this afternoon. It has its flaws I admit, but it made me feel like a gooey 14 yo, and as a fairly cynical and hardhearted person that's quite a treat.

TinselianAstra Sun 21-Dec-08 23:03:40

What is the excuse for bad special effects these days? I don't get it. We have the technology to make things look good, people!

MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 21-Dec-08 23:04:52

Not read the books. But my dd said that the meadow scene was nothing like the book. Was really disappointed. Something about not saying lions or lambs or something or another...???

TinselianAstra Sun 21-Dec-08 23:08:14

The lion lay down with the lamb.

Or something. It's from the Bible, I expect.

Someone tell me, if the only chance I have of seeing it in the cinema is with DP, is it worth making him go with me (and then having to go with him to see something mind-numbing with explosions) or would he hate it too much? He has no desire or ability to go goeey and feel like a 14-year-old girl, whereas I kind of want to.

poinsettydog Sun 21-Dec-08 23:09:21

I'll be taking dd1 ro see this soon. Had no idea there were books, hav eonly read film reviews. So I feel very unhip

Fleurlechaunte Sun 21-Dec-08 23:10:13

I went on my own. I usually do because I really like to get into the film. I know exactly what you mean serenity I felt about 15 again, butterfiles in stomach etc.

TinselianAstra Sun 21-Dec-08 23:17:08

I don't have time to see it alone, if it wan't Christmas I would totally pack DP off down the pub with a mate or two and see him afterwards.

Do I need to see it on the big screen? Can I wait 6 months for the DVD?

Fleurlechaunte Sun 21-Dec-08 23:18:35

I suppose you could wait it's not like the fx need the big screen but I am not sure it would be so good.

TinselianAstra Sun 21-Dec-08 23:25:43

I saw the trailer and it made me feel all oooooh in my chest because it had big sweeping music.

I am such a sap.

Don't quite believe Custy is soft enough to go see something like this though, I thought she was a hardass (a very cool crimefighting strighttalking buttkicking hardass, of course wink)

SueW Mon 22-Dec-08 00:31:39

We went to see it on Saturday morning - took about 25 of DD's friends for her birthday party (believe me it is an extremely good value and low maintenance party to have a private screening at our local independent cinema).

All the kids were about 12 - Y7 at school. There were parts where they got a bit restless but mostly they were engaged - the boys more so than the girls, if I'm honest.

I enjoyed it.

Fleurlechaunte Sat 27-Dec-08 17:23:02

Ok read first two books now and been to see movie again.

Edward - better than in the book <<ducks>>
Bella - prettier than I would imagine from the book
Carlisle - too young for how I imagined him
Esme - yes
Emmet - yes
Jasper - yes
Alice - yes
James - no, although I did like how he was played in the film, just not how I would have pictured him.
Jacob - Perfect.

Oh and loved watching it again as much time as the first time.

LyraSilver Mon 29-Dec-08 11:30:34

Finally saw it on Sunday.. 11.30 showing and had the whole cinema to my self!
Edward... better than expected
Bella.. just as irritating as in the books
Jacob... not my Jacob I am afraid, not nearly big enough or masculine enough, but I am still team Jacob!
James... good, suitably evil!
Emmet.. good
Carlisle... funny looking!
Esme... good.
Charlie... good
Did enjoy the film but would have liked more action and better special fxs.Very teen romance!

TeenyTinyToria Tue 06-Jan-09 20:21:19

Why oh why did he glitter? That was just awful.

I know it's in the book, but couldn't Stephanie Meyer have thought of something more interesting than glittery skin.

Other than that, ok but too slow.

bea Wed 07-Jan-09 13:56:02

didn't anyone think that the plinky plonky guitar music was bizarre... i think it looked cheaply made and could do with a bigger budget for the next one... i sniggered all the way through as i felt i was the oldest person to there (along with dottydot - who is older than me so she was prob the oldest person!!! ha! grin)and some of it was really cheesy! but then again as dotty kept telling me, it is made for swooning young girls....[shock... however Edward was yum! wink

gallusbesom Sun 01-Feb-09 14:58:03

I believe the guitar music is the same stuff as S Meyer listened too when writing the book. I thought it was a bit too long and didn't think there was much build up to them getting together - where was the scenes with them questioning each other? Just finished reading Midnight Sun chapters off the net and re-read Twilight so starting on New Moon again

justneedsomesleep Sun 01-Feb-09 15:12:46

Bea - have to agree with you - the soundtrack to the whole film drove me NUTS! Once I realised what was bugging me, it went on and on....angry
Stupid plonking crappy guitar!
And i thought the filming and shooting was awful!

And why didn't Bella ever smile?!hmm

I thought
Carlisle was ok - he is only meant to be 30ish
Rosalie was so wrong! Not my idea of a stunnign girl! Try swapping her with the actrss who played Victoria.

The rest were ok, but let's be honest, they weren't on screenthat much/didn't have that much to say to really judge! Whic disappointed me.
And then on the odd ocassion when they did all appear, it was some weird added on extra scene - the school trip to the garden centre type place and the 'meal' at Edwards - wtf!
And what on earth was with the diner scenes? What was the point of those? I the books, it is pointedly said that Charlie can't cook and Bella cooks AT HOME for him! Surely a diner scene would have cost more, and as far as i can tell gained nothing in plot or character development?
#Meadow scene was soooo bad!

Loving Edwardgrinblush

Does anyone else think he was a 107 year old virgin?!hmm

CatchaStar Tue 03-Mar-09 14:34:06

What was wrong with it:

The director, thank god they've bought in someone new for New Moon. Some of the shots that appeared in the film made me cringe, I could have done them. She could have done so much more with the film, and she didn't.

The girl playing Bella was not clumsy, or ackward enough. The books depicts Bella as being fairly clumsy and almost kind of shy, I didn't pick up on this enough in the film.

They also didn't put enough force behind just how breakable Bella is to Edward. She needed to be more delicate iyswim?

Although Robert Pattinson wasn't quite what I had in mind for Edward, I think he did a really good job and to my surpirse, they made him look quite like my version of Edward in the film. I'm still not convinced of the girl playing Bella though.

The film felt a bit stiff, they need to make some adjustments. Hoping the new director can do this in New Moon.

I really liked a lot of the soundrack, what I love most about it is the 2 songs Robert Pattinson sings though, I think they're really lovely. Although one of the songs, 'let me sign' that plays during the scene where Edward has to suck the venom out of Bella, isn't on the soundrtack, bit dissapointing. 'Never think' is though.

I heart the twilight books, I really enjoyed them all. Poor dd was a bit bored by the end of the week when I finished them. blush

kentmumtj Wed 18-Mar-09 12:02:27

havent read books but enjoyed the film

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