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Inside I'm Dancing

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lou33 Sun 20-Mar-05 00:58:58

What a great film.

Two men, one with cerebral palsy, one with duchenne muscular dystrophy, and how they try and achieve independent living.

Funny, honest and moving imo, highly recommended

sparklymieow Sun 20-Mar-05 01:06:07

is this really good? I saw the trailer for it a while ago, and thought I must see that!! But didn't....

lou33 Sun 20-Mar-05 01:14:51

it was fanatastic mieow, i really enjoyed it. I just hope ds2 has a tenth of their attitude as he grows up

lou33 Sun 20-Mar-05 11:21:41

want to bump this up for people to think about seeing

marthamoo Sun 20-Mar-05 11:27:04

I'll look out for it, lou.

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