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SoupDragon Sun 13-Mar-05 13:50:43

Absolutely fantastic! Just the right length too. DH, DSs (6 and 4) and I all enjoyed it.

SeaShells Sun 13-Mar-05 15:55:57

My DS has been on about seeing this film for ages. He is 6, think I'll take him to see it one night this week, this is my son, who insists he actually 'is' a robot!

SoupDragon Mon 21-Mar-05 15:09:05

Just bumping now that the film is on general release

LIZS Mon 21-Mar-05 15:10:24

They've classified it as an 8 here - grrr!!

SoupDragon Mon 21-Mar-05 15:21:02

I wonder why? I guess there are a few scarey bits. And some adult innuendo but that went right over the heads of my 6 & 4 yr olds.

LIZS Mon 21-Mar-05 15:25:23

Oh, kids are, theoretically at least, not allowed into a cinema until at least 4 , unless you count a special baby showing , but even then that is only under 1's ! ds is turning 7 so might risk it anyway. Can't wait to see what classification Pooh's Heffalump movie is - dd would love to see it but is only 3 1/2.

nikcola Mon 21-Mar-05 15:34:40

ive taked dd to the cinema and shes only 3

LIZS Mon 21-Mar-05 15:37:02

We took ds before he was 2 - think the Tigger Movie was his first - but the rules in Switzerland are (sometimes absurdly) different so dd has yet to go.

nikcola Mon 21-Mar-05 15:37:48

ohhhh what a sham maybee smuggle her in

nikcola Mon 21-Mar-05 15:37:59

shame not sham!

WideWebWitch Sat 26-Mar-05 10:28:12

We're going to see this today so I'm glad people think it's good!

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