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Quantum of Solace or burn after reading or sit in and watch corrie with a takeout?

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twinsetandpearls Mon 03-Nov-08 18:17:43

They are my options what should I do

twinsetandpearls Mon 03-Nov-08 18:21:43

or Ghost town?

snigger Mon 03-Nov-08 18:22:32

Quantum of Solace and tape corrie ?

twinsetandpearls Mon 03-Nov-08 18:24:46

Was going to record corrie, am just not that tempted by any of them, I usually fall asleep in Bond films do love the Cohen brothers but have read mixed reviews.

snigger Mon 03-Nov-08 18:28:07

DH and I sneaked to Quantum last week - it's ok, not quite Casino Royale, but worth a watch nonetheless. All those twitching cheek muscles....

Have a martini and go out, woman grin

Tortington Mon 03-Nov-08 18:29:22

burn after reading is the biggest load of shit i have ever seen in my life

snigger Mon 03-Nov-08 18:30:56

Custardo, your post regarding Burn After Reading was possible the best <and most attended to, by me> movie review I've ever read. grin

twinsetandpearls Mon 03-Nov-08 18:32:58

i may just stay in and do my marking at least it won't cost me anything

eldestgirl Mon 03-Nov-08 20:24:00

I thought QOS was rubbish. Very little humour, no proper snogging, no swimming trunks... just another blokeish action movie.

smartiejake Mon 03-Nov-08 21:35:35

Ghost town is great. Very funny -I love Ricky Gervaise!

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