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Is there a kids movie due to come out before christmas? Do you know what it is?

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ja9 Mon 20-Oct-08 21:13:30


Waswondering Mon 20-Oct-08 22:08:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ja9 Mon 20-Oct-08 22:39:39

hi ww! how u?

FimboGotAxed Mon 20-Oct-08 22:43:16

Igor is out on Friday I think.

HSM3 on Wednesday

Camp Rock on dvd 1st Dec

ja9 Mon 20-Oct-08 22:43:34

for those interested, just found

beginning nov

ja9 Mon 20-Oct-08 22:44:47

was really after what was going to be the merchandise craze at christmas - want to get some up to date beanies to peek out of ds stocking!

tassisssss Tue 21-Oct-08 13:58:48


according to my ds cars 2 is due out soon too.

but madagascar would be better for beanies! i can't believe you have stockings planned already!

ja9 Tue 21-Oct-08 15:10:07

blush i am so in stocking zone btw. need to slow down or i'll have all the fun stuff done way before christmas.

Waswondering Tue 21-Oct-08 17:37:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ja9 Tue 21-Oct-08 21:44:03

aw, thanks!

PortAndDemon Fri 24-Oct-08 09:09:46

Bolt is due out at the end of November.

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