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Disaster movie : A warning!

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ChocolateEclair Wed 24-Sep-08 20:37:23

Just had the unfortunate pleasure of going to see "Disaster Movie". We thought it would be a harmless comedy, a bit of fun, as it is rated 12A.

Just really wanted to warn any of you who were thinking of seing it with your kids - it really shouldn't be a 12A. It regularly uses words like "s**t, w**re, pimp, mother f***r, a**hole, kiss my a**, etc etc" - you get the drift!

On top of all the terrible language, it was a dreadful film (I know I ought to have read the reviews before I went!lol!). There, feel like I have done my good deed for today now smile

NumberFour Fri 26-Sep-08 07:09:15

I have only walked out of a movie once though I have suffered through others! Seems like this is one to avoid.

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