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Does anybody know if Helen Hunt has been ill

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crazedupmom Wed 17-Sep-08 01:04:17

Always thought she was a great actress but saw a clip on telly tonight of her latest film and myself and my dp thought she looked terrible she looks old, haggard, gaunt and generally not right at all.
She really looks like someone who has had an eating disorder or something like that.
She is only about 44 and looks way older and doesn,t look right for someone of her years.
Does anynody know of anything.

mabanana Wed 17-Sep-08 01:09:53

Ha, she just played the part with no makeup at all, under harsh lighting. It was her choice to do that, to make the character more 'real', but amazing hte difference a bit of slap makes, eh?

TrotSlursky Wed 17-Sep-08 01:12:50

I think Holly Hunter is a superb actress. she is ace.

Can well imagine what mabanana says is true.

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