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Wouldn't you think that a prerequisite for starring in a musical would be the ability to hold a note?

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chipmonkey Sun 14-Sep-08 00:22:39

I mean, I know Pierce Brosnan is as delectable a Navan man as you can get but OMG, what has he done to the Abba songs? !!!

avenanap Sun 14-Sep-08 00:23:15

Murdered them?

chipmonkey Sun 14-Sep-08 00:24:09

I know he'd probably argue it was self-defence but still.....

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 14-Sep-08 00:24:18

And Colin Firth with a teeny quavering warble is v disconcerting

chipmonkey Sun 14-Sep-08 00:26:18

I know, BALD, it's really not manly, is it? SIL and I had to get our Pride and Prejudice Box-sets out to reassure ourselves!

giraffescantdancethetango Sun 14-Sep-08 00:28:17

they are bad arent they, i have the album and i cringe a lot during their parts

unknownrebelbang Sun 14-Sep-08 00:32:41

Oh I know I know, but I still loved it.

minorbird Sun 14-Sep-08 00:33:51

Oh really? And, I'd imagine they've also done a lot of 'cleaning' up of their voices in the studio! Want to watch it now just for the cringe factor!

ps - giraffe i was recently watching said boxset and finally understood the whole colin firth thing... dont want all that hard work undoing! Quite like him now!

minorbird Sun 14-Sep-08 00:34:46

I mean chip boxsets.. obviously cant scroll down and READ!

chipmonkey Sun 14-Sep-08 00:37:11

Oh, that's all right, mb, everyone ignores me on here anyway! {eeyore emoticon]
Was watching P + P today on UKTV Gold and yes, he is rather dishy!

minorbird Sun 14-Sep-08 00:52:08

oh no chipmonkey! You're in no way ignorable! CHips are a fave of mine! grin bit yes colin F, too tasty for words... its that smoldering effect isnt it!!!

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