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VictorianSqualor has got me thinking - if I take the dds to see Mamma Mia will I have to answer questions about fatherhood or can we just listen to the songs?

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Cappuccino Sun 17-Aug-08 11:16:46

cos there are three men, aren't they, and they all might be Daddy

and I might not have the strength

WallOfSilence Sun 17-Aug-08 11:26:51

I dunno, my sister said she wouldn't let her 12 year old dd watch it because of the line: "Having an ejaculation doesn't make him her father"

<or words to that effect...after the ejaculation bit my sister almost ate her fist.... whilst I tried removing the pole from up her arse!>

What age your dds? Mine is 6 & think she would just like to watch the songs & the nice dresses...

Cappuccino Sun 17-Aug-08 11:39:02

7 and 3

actually the 7 year old is a bit of an airhead so may be ok

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