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sex in the city was sh*tty b*ll*cks - spoiler whilst moaning

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Tortington Sun 17-Aug-08 11:15:25

so he didn't have a ring - and cinderella stylee he put one of her shoes that she has bought on her foot.

cheapskate bastard

he stands her up at the wedding becuase he couldn't just give her - who had not been married 2 other times like him - the big beautiful day

ok so hes been there and done that - she hadn't all he had to do was shut his gob

and then the "happy ever after" was her getting married in a registry office in an unnamed suit


she should have inited is friens and jilted him

thats a happy ever after

Cappuccino Sun 17-Aug-08 11:23:43

I hated Sex and the City

I think I am the only woman in the world who did

or maybe it just proves I am not a gay man

ElfOnTheTopShelf Sun 17-Aug-08 11:25:25

But the reason he stood her up was not because he couldn't give her the big white wedding, but because she had changed into somebody wanting all that crap.

Tortington Sun 17-Aug-08 12:32:42


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