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Harry Potter release has been postponed

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MrsSnape Fri 15-Aug-08 20:55:51

Was really disapointed to hear this today but apparantly WB have postponed the release of the Half Blood Prince until NEXT JULY angry to coincide with next years Summer holidays sad talk about milking it for the money.

I was really looking foward to this too.

StellaWasADiver Fri 15-Aug-08 20:56:58

wessexgirl Fri 15-Aug-08 20:57:07

I know; I'm really pissed off about it.

I'll be collecting my pension by the time they finish milking it, what with Deathly Hallows being a two-parter as well. Rubbish innit.

boredveryverybored Fri 15-Aug-08 20:57:10


Califrau Fri 15-Aug-08 20:57:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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