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The Fox and the Child

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Pruners Sun 10-Aug-08 18:30:34

Message withdrawn

sykes Sun 10-Aug-08 18:33:03

Are there any sad bits at all? We went to see the March of the Penguins - same director, I think, and soem bits were a bit much. But the girls are older now - six and eight - and from what you've said above I think they'd love it. V kind of you to post a review.

Pruners Sun 10-Aug-08 18:37:24

Message withdrawn

sykes Sun 10-Aug-08 18:41:53

Oh that sounds okay. I'l just let them know that happens. It sounds lovely so thanks very much. I've taken to buying DVDs of films like My Fair Lady/Singing in the Rain/Oklahoma etc. They loved Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz as well. Must get Naional Velvet - the one with Elizabeth Taylor.

expatinscotland Sun 10-Aug-08 18:44:04

DD1 wants to see this!

she doesn't like animated films.

thanks for hte review.

cocolepew Sun 10-Aug-08 18:46:46

I saw this advertised but was sure the fox would die/the girl would die/they'd be separated and I'd sob and embarass my girls.

So none of the above happen?

Pruners Sun 10-Aug-08 18:51:58

Message withdrawn

Lauriefairycake Sun 10-Aug-08 18:52:23

I'm a total wuss - I wasn't going to go and see it cos I thought in all likelihood the fox died blush

as I cried all the way through Wall-E and a bit at kung fu panda too blush

I'm blaming pmt

Pruners Sun 10-Aug-08 18:52:59

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Sun 10-Aug-08 18:52:59

sounds right up DD1's street.

she has a way with animals and had expressed in an interest in seeing this.

the first film she's ever asked to see (she's 5).

cocolepew Sun 10-Aug-08 18:53:44

OK thanks, it sounds safe to go to grin

Pruners Sun 10-Aug-08 18:53:48

Message withdrawn

pgwithnumber3 Sun 10-Aug-08 19:04:45

I thought this might do to DD1 what Watership Down did to me as a child! But you say it is not upsetting? She enjoyed Nim's Island so do you think she would like this?

IllegallyBrunette Sun 10-Aug-08 19:09:03

Dd2 is exactly the type of child that would love this film by the sounds of it. So long as there isn't any upsetting bits that is.

Pruners Sun 10-Aug-08 19:28:49

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Sun 10-Aug-08 21:38:16

yes, pruners, i'm being forced along for her benefit.

i wish i had one of those electronic library thingies.

i'm going to be dragged to all these sappy, candy-ass movies for donks now.

i must resign myself to the fate i have created for myself wink.

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