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SPARKLER1 Sat 12-Feb-05 20:23:32

Was thinking of taking dds (5 and 3) to see this in the half term hols. I know it's just been released. Has anyone had the chance to see it yet and what did you think? Normally dh and I take them together to watch a film but am thinking of braving it on my own. Want to be fairly sure that they will sit still and be glued. It's an expensive trip to the cinema to think that we might all have to leave early.

misdee Sat 12-Feb-05 20:27:13

i am hoping to take dd1 over half term as well. she loves the books, so am hoping she will like the film. she is almost 5yrs old.

SPARKLER1 Sat 12-Feb-05 20:28:10

Yes we love the books too so hopefully it should be a really lovely film.

SPARKLER1 Sat 12-Feb-05 21:02:16

anyone else seen/heard much about it?

Yorkiegirl Sat 12-Feb-05 21:24:26

Message withdrawn

charliecat Sun 20-Feb-05 09:37:40


lockets Sun 20-Feb-05 09:40:08

Message withdrawn

sunflower Mon 21-Feb-05 23:33:41

I took DS (2 yrs 2 months) to see this last week - yes I know he's a bit young but DD was away and I was bored and needed a break from playing cars!!! Anyway he was totally transfixed by it and I even enjoyed it too. It was very gentle and sweet, and it was a relief to see a childrens film that isn't trying to be super-clever and flash, and it was quite nice to have English accents for a change. Can't think what the mild peril was though!

katierocket Sun 27-Feb-05 19:44:26

anyone else seen this?
any good?

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