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Hustle & Flow

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spokette Mon 28-Jul-08 11:24:10

Saw this on Film 4 and thought it was fabulous. Terrence Howard portrayed the lead character DJay wonderfully and thoroughly deserved his Oscar nomination. Djay is increasingly dissatisfied with his life and does not know where to find hope or redemption until a chance meeting with a school friend provides him with an outlet to express himself through hip-hop.

Even though Djay is a low life pimp and drug dealer (with more compassion and sensitivity than you would expect), you wanted him to achieve his aspirations to be a successful rap artist because you felt that he would take care of the two main ^hoes6 in his life, especially the pregnant one,Shug.

The lyrics to his song caused me to wince but I had to remember that he was expressing his existence. The misogeny in his lyrics is acute and his anger at his life as well as society is tangible. He clearly adores his late father and you do wonder how he would have turned out if his father had lived.

I thought that Taraji P Nelson should have been nominated for and won an Oscar for he role as the pregnant, insecure, brittle Shug who relied on Dejay to provide a roof over her head.

The theme song won an Oscar and it was written by Howard himself. In last month's issue of Pride magazine, he dissociates himself from the song because he hates rap and on the credits, the songwriter is credited as Djay.

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