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Kung Fu Panda

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Heathcliffscathy Sun 06-Jul-08 20:03:04


we all loved it: 4 y o ds, me and dh!

nothing groundbreaking. but funny and engaging and action packed. great stuff.

Lovingthepink Sun 06-Jul-08 20:03:54

Thanks for that-might book for next week

lilolilmanchester Sun 06-Jul-08 20:03:58

thanks Spophable. DD (10) wants to go, glad we'll probably enjoy it too from what you wrote.

hertsnessex Sun 06-Jul-08 20:04:50

we went today and thought it was rubbish. ds's are 3 and 4.

other films we have taken them to are madagascar, cars, bee movie, and others like it.

this was a great disappointment.

Heathcliffscathy Sun 06-Jul-08 20:06:32

what was rubbish about it????

i take it you don't like jack black for a start. or kung fu films. or cartoons????

Heathcliffscathy Sun 06-Jul-08 20:07:23

god cars is the biggest load of mindless, plotless idiotic poo ever. and this was loads better than bee movie.

it's not toy story. but it's great.

lilolilmanchester Sun 06-Jul-08 20:08:28

Madagascar was ace, cars was crap in my, DH's and DC's (15 and 10) opinon...

myermay Sun 06-Jul-08 20:08:57

Can i just mention that we were going to go and see this today and i went to book me, dp & our 3 & 5 year old tickets and nearly fell off my chair when the bill came to 31 pounds! now am i being exceptionally tight or is this the going rate now for cinemas'? we haven't been in ages and couldn't believe how expensive it is. Luckily the sun came out and we went out on our bikes instead!!!

nervousal Sun 06-Jul-08 20:14:13

we went to see it today as well - and thought it was great (me, dp and DD (4)). Went early so £12 for the 3 of us + a fortune for pick and mix!

Heathcliffscathy Sun 06-Jul-08 20:25:23

yeah, cor pick and mix....license to print money or what?

squeaver Sun 06-Jul-08 20:28:47

Good. Funny but not too clever-clever. Looks stunning. Dh loved it. Dd (3) loved the bits she stayed awake for - and so did I !

hertsnessex Mon 07-Jul-08 09:22:01

i like jack black, but didnt like the film. The tickets were £20 for 2 adults and 2 children, not bad really.

hockeypuck Mon 07-Jul-08 09:27:03

myermay - if you wait till half way through the school holidays it will be the kids film one week, so every day at about 11am for 7 days all four of you will be able to get in for £3 ish. If you can dissuade your DCs from whining about seeing it until then!

myermay Mon 07-Jul-08 11:29:25

ok thanks -i will wait until then!

WilliamGray Mon 07-Jul-08 11:29:55

yes very good reivewis

Tortington Mon 07-Jul-08 11:30:49

saw it last night

it was ok i laughed a couple of times.

streakybacon Mon 07-Jul-08 12:52:12

We went on Saturday, loved it. DS laughing out loud was as funny as the film. It was much better than I'd expected it to be, tbh. Loved the dumpling fight, and the peach tree.

BarbadosMama Wed 16-Jul-08 17:19:13

The film looks fun and I am tempted to take DS1 (age 5) to it. He is a bit excitable when playing with friends and I am nervous that it will encourage him to try out some flying kicks! Anyone who has taken kids to it had a problem with them acting out the actions?

Buda Wed 16-Jul-08 17:25:18

We are just back from it. About 6 quid for DS and I here in Budapest!

I thought it was OK. Not fab but a few funny bits. DS laughed a lot and really enjoyed it.

He did do a few kung fu moves afterwards but nothing major. Mind you he is watching wrestling now!

climbanymountain Fri 18-Jul-08 14:02:02

So definitely OK for a 4 year old who walked out of Ratatouille bored to tears??

piratecat Fri 18-Jul-08 14:04:07

bee movie was pants, dd hated it. I am looking forward to seeing Wall e, it looks great!

climbanymountain Fri 18-Jul-08 14:06:00

anyone seen wall-e?

PinkTulips Fri 18-Jul-08 14:07:34

dd is 3 and loved it. as did dp and i.

some really funny moments and great one liners and the visuals are pretty damn cool

if you don't like jack black or kung fu though not sure how you'd take it.

piratecat Fri 18-Jul-08 14:11:23

few mixed reviews there on the wall e thread.

it looks cute, i think i am going to love it.

what was that movie yrs back with the robot, i enjoyed that one!!

maidamess Sat 19-Jul-08 19:28:00

I love Jack Black...but I didn't like this.

The action scenes are so manic and fast, its hard to tell whats going on. The animals are cute enough. But I only laughed once.

And we left half way through (Ds coughing like mad and saying he was hungry)

Can't remember the last kids film I saw that I thought was any good. Probably Ice Age 2.

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