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Pince Caspian? Views?

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nkf Sat 28-Jun-08 22:08:17

I liked it a lot. A pleasamt surprise.

WendyWeber Sat 28-Jun-08 22:09:58

We have some Russian kids staying atm (Chernobyl Children); they saw it last week as a stopgap when something else was closed and our boy (aged 12) liked it a lot, fwiw - they don't know that mush English either, it makes me really want to see it now grin

WendyWeber Sat 28-Jun-08 22:10:26

much English, not mush, LOL!

Milliways Sat 28-Jun-08 22:18:56

We have had chernobyl kids as well in the past - it's great how many DVD's have Russian subtitles! (We were fortunate though & also had one of the group translators with our 2 boys).

I'd like to take DS to see Prince Caspian - he has just started re-reading the Narnia books again...

Spatz Sat 28-Jun-08 22:21:42

just come back - DD 7 and DS 5 loved it - never bored and it is very long. I wasn't bored either - thought it was magical

nkf Sun 29-Jun-08 10:54:09

I thought it was magical too. The part where the trees are nearly alive but not quite was brilliant.

Not sure about Prince Caspian's accent though.

roisin Sun 29-Jun-08 21:54:16

We are hoping to see it on Saturday with ds1 and his mates for his 11th birthday. I'm pleased to hear the positive reports.

OrmIrian Mon 30-Jun-08 21:47:47

Loved it.

Bit worrying that Caspian was so gorgeous hmm He's a character in a children's book - I always pictured him about 12.

ShinyPinkShoes Mon 30-Jun-08 21:50:26

I thought it was great and can't wait til next year when the next one comes out!

RosaLuxembunting Mon 30-Jun-08 21:55:40

We loved it - though it was a bit much for DD3 (nearly six but quite sensitive). Caspian was older than in the book (and he was supposed to be blond) and the mini-romance with Susan was a bit puke-inducing but otherwise it was great stuff.

Marina Mon 30-Jun-08 21:56:10

Long (took gang of ten 9 year olds for a birthday treat!) but good viewing and went down well with the posse as well.
Did find Caspian's good ten years on Peter a bit disconcerting, but love Skandar Keynes as Edmund (always my favourite character in the books) and Georgie Henley is excellent as Lucy.
What really made it for me was the realisation of the Telmarine Court and especially Sergio Castellitto, an actor I didn't know, as Miraz. You really understood why Caspian was running for his life.
I wasn't sure about the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe tbh, Tilda Swinton and James McAvoy apart, but this film made me really look forward to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Marina Mon 30-Jun-08 21:56:53

Honestly Rosa, isn't Anna Popplewell wooden

Marina Mon 30-Jun-08 21:58:43

And yes, the mighty Pauline drew him as blond, but all the clues about the fearsome brigand Mediterranean origins of the Telmar people are there in the novel
Having done this for PC, though, I wonder how on earth they will deal with the Calormenes...

girlandboy Mon 30-Jun-08 21:59:01

I thought that they intended to film all 7 books. But The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is book 2 and Prince Caspian is book 4. Have I heard wrongly?

freakypenguin Mon 30-Jun-08 22:00:29

pince? imagine it's popular with crabs...


nkf Mon 30-Jun-08 22:02:38

I would say that Prince Caspian is book 3 with The Horse and His Boy not part of the main line up.

And Prince Caspian was (blush) my first fictional crush. So I always thought of him as older.

RosaLuxembunting Mon 30-Jun-08 22:08:23

Ah Marina, but have just started reading Voyage of the Dawn Treader to DD2 and it specifically mentions in Chapter One that Caspian is blond.
It is my favourite I think, along with The Horse and his Boy.
Agree about Edmund and Lucy being by far the best of the child actors.

RosaLuxembunting Mon 30-Jun-08 22:09:45

And when do they plan to fit in the magician's nephew. Will have to be BEFORE The Last Battle surely?

Marina Mon 30-Jun-08 22:10:44

They have had to film books 2, 3 and 4 fairly briskly to keep the actors playing the Pevensies even roughly the right age
They'll go back and film the Magician's Nephew later - although it's a book I love, if they do it right it has very disturbing themes and they might be wondering how to tackle the end of Charn and the sheer nastiness of Uncle Andrew, not to mention Digory's mother's illness

WendyWeber Mon 30-Jun-08 22:11:01

Dawn Treader is just The Best Story and, hooray, Peter and Susan aren't in it. And Eustace should be fab wink

WendyWeber Mon 30-Jun-08 22:12:24

Oh, and Marina, I was reading up on Skandar Keynes at the weekend - what lineage!!!

nkf Mon 30-Jun-08 22:13:16

But The Last Battle will be very odd because Eustace and Jill are still children in that. And they have to fit in Dawn Treader and The Silver chair

Marina Mon 30-Jun-08 22:13:46

Oh you are right Rosa, they'll just not mention that, I'd forgotten
Edmund is the blond in the books isn't he - Peter has the dark hair
I know Susan and Peter are a bit earnest in the novels but they are deathly in the films
I thought Eddie Izzard was absolutely wasted as Reepicheep but Warwick Davis excellent as Nikabrik
I really do hope they do full justice to Useless!

nkf Mon 30-Jun-08 22:14:06

And yes I wonder how they will tackle the Calormenes.

RosaLuxembunting Mon 30-Jun-08 22:14:20

You are right nkf. How very complicated CS Lewis made it. Didn't he THINK about continuity at all?

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