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does no one like film anymore

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southeastastra Sun 18-May-08 23:15:00

god how depressing this site has become

charliecat Sun 18-May-08 23:17:29

no we are too busy MNtting....

Dior Sun 18-May-08 23:18:07

Message withdrawn

zippitippitoes Sun 18-May-08 23:18:51

i saw iron man two weeks ago

will see indiana jones when its out

or do you want high brow

cornsilk Sun 18-May-08 23:19:04

I can't wait for the new Indy film!

Flame Sun 18-May-08 23:19:12

Not been to the cinema in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages.

Going on 28th to see indian jones if that helps grin

southeastastra Sun 18-May-08 23:19:24

yes i want high brow

littlelapin Sun 18-May-08 23:20:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra Sun 18-May-08 23:21:48

i give up

thank you and good night

zippitippitoes Sun 18-May-08 23:22:53

sea talk about a film then

littlelapin Sun 18-May-08 23:22:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cornsilk Sun 18-May-08 23:23:27

Is Indiana Jones not high brow then?

Marina Sun 18-May-08 23:23:50

sea, I don't see them til they are on LoveFilm tbh so it seems pointless reviewing them months after cinema release
The only films I see in a cinema nowadays are the likes of Alvin and the fecking Chipmunks hmm

cornsilk Sun 18-May-08 23:24:03

What about Horton hears a who? Will that do?

S1ur Sun 18-May-08 23:26:41

Oh have you given up. Tsk. That is why you find mn depressing... No staying power.

And there I was wondering what films we could chat about. ne'er mind.

Appparantly Persepolis is wicked, though I have yet to see it. I am going next week.

zippitippitoes Sun 18-May-08 23:27:52

it sound sinteresting

not sure if i would stay a week which is my main problem in a cinema

Marina Sun 18-May-08 23:29:14

Persepolis AND Caramel

- and this looks fantastic but I cannot say anything more than that until it gets Lovefilmed

zippitippitoes Sun 18-May-08 23:30:30

stay a week

ffs stay awake pmsl

pinkyminky Sun 18-May-08 23:30:40

Marina, I was thinking the same thing.. watched Michael Clayton last night it was a good film, but probably ancient. Saw the Butterfly and the Diving Bell most recently, really enjoyed it.

Find it odd when people criticize other's tastes without sharing any ideas of their own. hmm

Marina Sun 18-May-08 23:32:38

Those are both still in my holding pattern, pinky, sigh
I used to live at the London Film Festival, spend all weekend holed up at the NFT watching all of Edge of Darkness/Heimat/Berlin Alexanderplatz etc
I miss proper cinema-going so much

southeastastra Sun 18-May-08 23:32:58

i post interestng film all the time on this topic

no one else sees the world i co i guess

cornsilk Sun 18-May-08 23:33:49

So no-one wants to talk about Indiana Jones then?

zippitippitoes Sun 18-May-08 23:34:10

maybe some of us live in the provionces

southeastastra Sun 18-May-08 23:34:35

sorry that isn't in english

zippitippitoes Sun 18-May-08 23:35:04

i am going to lonmdon weds night to see man u v chelsea lol

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