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Iron Man

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Anna8888 Thu 01-May-08 22:05:18

We saw this with DSS1 (13) and DD (3.6) today and they both loved it. DD said it was the best film she had ever seen (she's only been to the cinema a half dozen times or so smile).

In its genre, even I thought it quite bearable and even entertaining wink.

mumblechum Fri 02-May-08 12:20:35

Oh goody, DS (13) and a few of his mates are going on Saturday. They love all those action hero films

wishfort Sun 04-May-08 00:42:07

It's good one. Action-packed, politically correct, totally implausible in parts, and with the totally fab Robert Downey Jr. being his usual strange self. Looks as if he's been to the gym a bit, and to good effect. Mmmmm.

EnterobiusVermicularis Mon 05-May-08 17:55:56

Saw this today. Way better than most superhero films. Complete tosh but extremely entertaining tosh. Had to give DSs a little talk afterwards about how women weren't just for decoration, but still worth the trip.

Robert Downey Junior: just enough like Al Pachino to make me spent the whole film wishing he was Al Pachino, who is way sexier but a little short.

hatjam Wed 07-May-08 22:11:16

my son (14) thought it was terrific

2shoes Wed 07-May-08 22:17:37

ds went to see it and said it was brilliant,
the joys of a 16 year old. I don't have to go with him now

juliet1234 Thu 30-Oct-08 15:28:40

Message withdrawn

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